martes, 6 de noviembre de 2007

Ensonic Fizmo: pics & videos (english)

Last august I've got a second hand Fizmo synth that came from Italy to be intalled at my little home-studio. Althougth it was not too expensive, pass of time is noticeable. I never liked too much this face front colours so, as it also needs the regulator fix, I was thinking about doing a deeper customization including a different color scheme, new knowbs and maybee wood panels.

I never did a synth customization before so I will probably include some info about the process here and design variants as soon as I have them ready (mostly because I didn't found too much info about that)

Meanwhile I want to share some video demos I recorded this weekend just to let people that never heard it know about the kind of sounds it can do. Here I mostly twear the mysterious F-I-Z-M-O knobs that edits different parameters depending on the preset.

Ensoniq Fizmo video demo #1

Ensoniq Fizmo video demo #2

Ensoniq Fizmo video demo #3

>>> Versión en español de esta entrada

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